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Male Athlete of the Week, Sept. 27 2017

Male Athlete of the Week, Sept. 27 2017

Sam White               
University of King’s College Men’s Soccer         
Academic Program: BSc   
Year:  3                     
Hometown:  Halifax, NS

In his first year in a starting keeper role, Sam has stepped up and established himself as a key player on the team. 

Sam White was vital in two clean sheets this week. In Thursday's game versus the Mount, Sam made numerous big saves, including two saves that were sure goals.  Specifically, a one on one challenge, in the 88th minute to help us secure a nail biter 1-0 win.

Sunday versus Crandall, Sam controlled his 18 yard box extremely well against a team that is very strong on set pieces. That combined with an aggressive move on a breakaway ball kept King's in the game, when momentum was against them.