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Nov 15
7pm on Friday and 9am on Saturday
at U Ste Anne
Nov 23
at MTA
Jan 18
12pm on Saturday and 9am on Sunday
at UKC
Feb 01
at Dal AC
Feb 15
ACAA Championships, 12pm on Saturday
vs. UKC
@ ACAA Championship
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2018-19 CCAA Badminton Qualifiers

2018-19 CCAA Badminton Qualifiers

The CCAA qualifiers were held at MTA on February 17th.  These matches determined who would be representing the ACAA at the CCAA Nationals on March 6-9th, 2019.  The ACAA team is composed of the winners of each category from the 5 different schools within the league - MTA, HC, UKC, USA and DAL AC.  This year the CCAA NAtionals are being hosted by Dalhousie Agricultural Campus, which gives the ACAA the benefit of putting forth two teams - the ACAA Team and the ACAA Host team.   We are very pleased to announce that after an exciting day of play, at least one student-athlete from each school has qualified.  This a wonderful opportunity for the ACAA to showcase talent from all their badminton schools.  More information about the National tournament will be posted shortly.

For a complete list of the CCAA Qualifiers results, click here.

For tournament photos, click here.


ACAA National Team:
Mixed Doubles - Sam White and Sam Lawther, UKC
Women's Doubles - Madison Morrissey and Isabelle Choumiline, MTA
Men's Doubles - Benn Van Ryn and Bryce Mason, UKC
Women's Singles - Suzuha Tanaka, MTA
Men's Singles - Jaryd Morrissey, MTA
Head Coach - Ryan MacIntosh, UKC
Coach - Steve Scott, MTA
ACAA Host Team:
Mixed Doubles - Azeem Munawar and Kelsey MacKinnon, MTA
Women's Doubles - Sarah Pepperdine and Michelle Doane, DAL AC
Men's Doubles - Tim Trites and Andrew Systma, DAL AC
Women's Singles - Sarah Fortin, USA
Men's Singles - Jonah Wilton, HC
Head Coach - Richard Bennicke
Coach - Emma Hughes, Nil Doucette


 Back Row: Ryan MacIntosh (UKC), Sam White (UKC), Bryce Mason (UKC), Benn Van Ryn (UKC), 

Jaryd Morrissey (MTA), Steve Scott (MTA)

Front Row: Sam Lawther (UKC), Madison Morrissey (MTA), Isabelle Choumaline (MTA), Suzuha Tanaka (MTA)



 Back Row: Nil Doucet (USA), Chris Ross (Dal AC), Richard Bennicke (Dal AC), Jonah Wilton (HC), 

Tim Trites (Dal AC), Andrew Sytsma (Dal AC), Azeem Munawar (MTA), Steve Scott (MTA), Emma Hughes (HC)

Front Row: Sarah Fortin (USA), Michelle Doane (Dal AC), Sarah Pepperdine (Dal AC), Kelsey MacKinnon (MTA)